Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twelve by 2012

My dear friend Vanessa has asked a few of us to do this exciting and probably challeging twelve by 2012. Here is the link to explain the funness.

Here are my twelve by 2012

1. Make stockings and tree skirt
2. Organize the garage
3. Hang pictures throught our home
4. Finish both bathrooms
5. Find window treatments
6. Make 2 photobooks (house remodel & family cruise)
7. Tell my husband and son I love them EVERYDAY
8. Take pictures of Mr. Boots
9. Keep my blogs up to date
10. Get the piano in our house
11. Make a different cupcake each week
12. Swing with Evan on his slide

I know they seem rather easy. I would like to be able to set goals I can check off and say to myself, "Ahhh, took care of that one!"
I'll keep you updated as that is #9.