Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pinterest Monday

My few weeks of weekly meals from Pinterest and foodgawker have turned into Monday night Pinterest dinners with friends and family. It started off with Andrew (my brother in law) and Sarah (our friend and Andrew's girlfriend). They have become our regulars. We now invite other people to join us as well as our regulars. Evan loves it and looks forward to Monday nights. Dinner is normally served around 6:00pm, but Evan likes our guest to arrive at 5:00pm so he can play.

I have found some really great food. Some I have made over and over. I enjoy it. It's a great time to spend  with family and friends. We have had many laughs, like the night we had my Brittany Salley and Dezi Young. We laughed "like a G6!" hahahahaha

So here are a few of my favorites:
This is my favorite Punch by far
I have changed a few things here and there but it's always yummy.
My favorite Salad. I have made this many many times. I have given out the recipe to many people and have had rave reviews. It can be altered to fit your taste. Enjoy!!
I have made Crack potatoes a couple times. Super easy and yum.
There are so many more I could go on and on.
I hope you are adventurous and try new foods. Bon appetite!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twelve by 2012

My dear friend Vanessa has asked a few of us to do this exciting and probably challeging twelve by 2012. Here is the link to explain the funness.

Here are my twelve by 2012

1. Make stockings and tree skirt
2. Organize the garage
3. Hang pictures throught our home
4. Finish both bathrooms
5. Find window treatments
6. Make 2 photobooks (house remodel & family cruise)
7. Tell my husband and son I love them EVERYDAY
8. Take pictures of Mr. Boots
9. Keep my blogs up to date
10. Get the piano in our house
11. Make a different cupcake each week
12. Swing with Evan on his slide

I know they seem rather easy. I would like to be able to set goals I can check off and say to myself, "Ahhh, took care of that one!"
I'll keep you updated as that is #9.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dinner is Served

I have committed myself to weekly meal in hopes of saving us money and being able to eat healthier and spend more quality time together.

I actually planned out a week of meals. On the menu last night (October 10) was Grilled Bruschetta Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta and Italian Bread with Gorgonzola and a small salad.

Here is our chicken. You can find the recipe HERE

Here is the chicken, pasta and bread. The link for the bread can be found HERE

I have to tell you I apologize for taking so long to post this. Life gets busy and I can get neglectful. I'm sorry I will be posting a ton of my meals as I make Pinterest meals darn near every week.

Monday, August 15, 2011

This year will be better

So the last 2 years I have participated in the PEST program at Fresno Christian School where Evan has attended. PEST I believe stands for Parents Encouraging Staff and Teachers. It's very much like a secert pal kind of a deal with the option to remain anonymous at the end of the year or come clean with who you are. I am a terrible PEST or at least I was. This year will be different. I have already gotten all sorts of ideas. The goal is to pray for your PEST. Pray and occasionally shower with gift, encouraging words or something of the sort. Since the person I have chosen is not on facebook and my blog gets published there I think I am safe to show my craftiness.
I know my PEST loves Starbucks and I hope she will enjoy this Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher.
Click here to learn more

I found the tag HERE

If you know who she is...shhhhh. Don't tell it's a secert!

Back to School

Today was Evan's first day back to school which meant I was busy last night. (Ok we'll a little but nothing major.)
I can across this really cute idea on Pinterst and thought Mrs. Lange would love it. So I made it. (I will confess, I felt bad for Mrs. Yantis because as it will turn out, she is getting the short end of the stick.) Sorry Bonnie, I wish I had found this site last year. I may just have to double some of my teacher apperciation to include you. Although, you did say you had the BEST frist day EVER! lol Love you tons!!
Ok so here's the deal.  Here's the link  to the site I found my inspiration on.

I did however change thing up a bit. ;)

I hot glued the pencils on first. I have to admit I had to use 2 cans. I threw the first one away. (The glue was too thick in some area's and the pencils did not lay flat enough for my OCD.

 Once I added the flowers a pencil fell off. Simple fix, add more glue. I used a plain white ribbon and found a wonderful tag to attach to it from this website for free! Free download here

Here is the finished product. Not bad if I do say so myself. Easy and fun, well fun enough.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


As my close friends know I have become addicted to Pinterest, bringing many of you along with me. This blog is dedicated to the things I have completed from projects I have found on this wonderful, time consuming, sometimes all I can think about website. If only I had know about it sooner. Honestly, probably a good thing I didn't.

I have many boards and MANY pins! There are so many great things. And a lot of everything. Evan will even like to browse the various categories to look for things such as: Transformers, Legos, Mario Bros., Power Rangers and on and on.
I have made a few things and will post on them tomorrow but here is a link to the website.  
You must first request an invite. Not sure why they do this but it doesn't take long. Then connect with facebook and it will automatically link you to you friends that are on facebook and pinterest. Then start pinning. You can create, change and manage your boards. Have fun and I'm sorry if you become addicted like I have but WOW there is an overwhelming amount of really cool things at your finger tips. If you need help, I am no expert but may be able to help you along, just let me know. Happy Pinning!!

Oh yeah if you have an iPhone or iPad there's an app for that!