Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pinterest Monday

My few weeks of weekly meals from Pinterest and foodgawker have turned into Monday night Pinterest dinners with friends and family. It started off with Andrew (my brother in law) and Sarah (our friend and Andrew's girlfriend). They have become our regulars. We now invite other people to join us as well as our regulars. Evan loves it and looks forward to Monday nights. Dinner is normally served around 6:00pm, but Evan likes our guest to arrive at 5:00pm so he can play.

I have found some really great food. Some I have made over and over. I enjoy it. It's a great time to spend  with family and friends. We have had many laughs, like the night we had my Brittany Salley and Dezi Young. We laughed "like a G6!" hahahahaha

So here are a few of my favorites:
This is my favorite Punch by far
I have changed a few things here and there but it's always yummy.
My favorite Salad. I have made this many many times. I have given out the recipe to many people and have had rave reviews. It can be altered to fit your taste. Enjoy!!
I have made Crack potatoes a couple times. Super easy and yum.
There are so many more I could go on and on.
I hope you are adventurous and try new foods. Bon appetite!

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  1. I just recently found pintrest and would love an invite!