Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School

Today was Evan's first day back to school which meant I was busy last night. (Ok we'll a little but nothing major.)
I can across this really cute idea on Pinterst and thought Mrs. Lange would love it. So I made it. (I will confess, I felt bad for Mrs. Yantis because as it will turn out, she is getting the short end of the stick.) Sorry Bonnie, I wish I had found this site last year. I may just have to double some of my teacher apperciation to include you. Although, you did say you had the BEST frist day EVER! lol Love you tons!!
Ok so here's the deal.  Here's the link  to the site I found my inspiration on.

I did however change thing up a bit. ;)

I hot glued the pencils on first. I have to admit I had to use 2 cans. I threw the first one away. (The glue was too thick in some area's and the pencils did not lay flat enough for my OCD.

 Once I added the flowers a pencil fell off. Simple fix, add more glue. I used a plain white ribbon and found a wonderful tag to attach to it from this website for free! Free download here

Here is the finished product. Not bad if I do say so myself. Easy and fun, well fun enough.

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