Sunday, August 14, 2011


As my close friends know I have become addicted to Pinterest, bringing many of you along with me. This blog is dedicated to the things I have completed from projects I have found on this wonderful, time consuming, sometimes all I can think about website. If only I had know about it sooner. Honestly, probably a good thing I didn't.

I have many boards and MANY pins! There are so many great things. And a lot of everything. Evan will even like to browse the various categories to look for things such as: Transformers, Legos, Mario Bros., Power Rangers and on and on.
I have made a few things and will post on them tomorrow but here is a link to the website.  
You must first request an invite. Not sure why they do this but it doesn't take long. Then connect with facebook and it will automatically link you to you friends that are on facebook and pinterest. Then start pinning. You can create, change and manage your boards. Have fun and I'm sorry if you become addicted like I have but WOW there is an overwhelming amount of really cool things at your finger tips. If you need help, I am no expert but may be able to help you along, just let me know. Happy Pinning!!

Oh yeah if you have an iPhone or iPad there's an app for that!

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